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Five Moments for Orchestra

This is a piece in five short movements for orchestra based on five images described in the poems below. It was performed at the 2023 Sofia Symphonic Summit in Bulgaria by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Carlos Fernandez.

Here is a MIDI rendering with the full score:

Five Moments for Orchestra

Five Moments for Orchestra

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1. Sunrise 

Tremulous in multitudes,
a chaos of light cascades
into breaking waves 
that gather, pause, turn,
and burn into our eyes.

2. Fog 

A slow vortex of clouds entwine
to form a single rising vine 
that rains its miracles down 
and gently unwinds back
to grey indifference.  

3. Summer Wind 

A mischievous wind
billows up skirts
knocks over old men
and soars up to steal a kiss
from the sour lips of God. 

4. Night Pond 

A glint of starlight
on the murmuring wavelets 
along with the fireflies --
the quiet moan of some 
strange creature.

5. Moonrise 

A lone voice, a choir
rise together,
pause to listen,
then disappear
into the morning.

Full Score

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