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Application Portfolio

These are representative samples described in more detail in the accompanying written statement, listed in reverse chronological order. Additional work samples are available on the remainder of my web site, accessible via the links at the top of the page.

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (2021)

This is a piece I wrote while in the VFCA MFA program described in my statement. It consists of audio accompanied by the scrolling clarinet part which was performed by clarinetist Rane Moore. I realized the orchestral part with MIDI. A link to the full score is included below. 


Listening for a few seconds at representative moments should convey the character of the piece. It is in one movement, but falls roughly into three sections:

Introductory section

Slower middle section

Concluding section

Complete performance

The full performance is about 12 minutes long: Performance | Full score

Miniatures for Piano Solo Book 1 (2020)

These miniatures are an ongoing venue for experimentation and practice, and reflect the current state of my writing for piano. The videos are edited performances by myself accompanied by a scrolling score. Book 2 (16-24) has been composed but not yet recorded. 

Extended Excerpts

These excerpts should be short enough to convey the gist from the start of each one. 

No. 3

No. 10

No. 11

No. 15

Related material

Complete Miniatures Book I (about 25 minutes):  Performance | Score

Rhapsody for Cello and Electronics (2026)

This suite was performed by cellist Astrid Schween with myself on the electronics. It is an evening-length work of a little over an hour. With only a few exceptions, the electronics consist of pre-recorded backing tracks cued in chunks to allow for some tempo flexibility in the cello part.

Highlight Video

The video below captures excerpts from the stage version with lighting and background video  (my role was composer and electronics only).

Video excerpts | Score  (please note  the score is for cello only with cues; the backing track is not notated)

Related material

Extended excerpts from the audio CD with other material are here.  The first tack in the list, Sunset, is the concluding track of the piece and I think is one of the best, but is on the long side at 8 minutes.

Music for Computer-Controlled Pianos (2005)

This music is from a CD/surround-sound DVD of pieces for multiple disklaviers, recorded on a concert grand instrument made available by Yamaha Artist Services. Much of it is based on layered improvisation, although there are algorithmic elements as well.


A moment from each of these links should convey the range and character of the music:

Nightfall - a rhythmic drone-and-melisma piece making use of  fast hockets between pianos.

Patriotic Collage - a fragmentation of familiar national anthems including some algorithmic backgrounds.

September 12, 2001 - a spare piece improvised on that day in NYC.

Nocturne - an improvisation using a MAX MIDI-processing script that augmented MIDI input with cycles of related intervals, and allowed ad-hoc storage and retrieval of improvised passages in real time.

The Brightening Air - a neo-minimalist improvisation for daisy-chained pianos.

Related material

Extended excerpts of the audio recording are here. This music is not notated, but MIDI animation can illustrate the different parts (animation software by Stephen Malinowski).

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